Map Tacks, Map Pins, Map Flags

Pinpoint vt 1: to locate, fix, determine or aim with great precision.
2: to cause to stand out conspicuously.

New! Iconic Symbol Maptacks: Miniature Pewter Sculptures

cast pewter map tacks

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Extraordinary map pins made with beautiful semiprecious stones

semiprecious stone map tacks

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blue map pennants in convenient plastic box assorted map tacks in convenient plastic box

Quality Map Tacks
by Moore Push Pin

Biggest Selection Anywhere

maptack sizes compared

Medium Sized Map Tacks

Most popular and versatile - 1/8 inch ball - 21 colors - 100ea

Small Map Tacks

Best where medium sized tacks may get too crowded - 1/16 inch ball - 7 colors - 100ea

Large Map Tacks

On large maps, these are visible at a distance - 1/4 inch ball- 7 colors - 50ea

Map Tacks with Dot, Stripe or Cross

18 More distinct combinations to choose from! Medium Size - 100ea

Map Flags

Great visibility - 1 inch Rectangles or Pennants - Can be written on - 6 colors - 25ea

Numbered Map Tacks

25 consecutively numbered tacks per box (1-25, 26-50, 51-75 etc.) - 11 color combinations

Large Numbered Map Tacks - 1/4 inch

- Most popular size. numbers 1-500

Small Numbered Map Tacks - 3/16 inch

- Best for exhibits to be viewed at reading distance. Numbers 1-100

Large Markable Tacks

Matte epoxy color on rugged steel can be written on. 7/8 inch - 6 colors - 25ea
(This series has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Limited quantities remain.)

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