Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts quadrangles may be purchased online at this time.
Please order Maine, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont USGS maps by phone - (888) 568-6277

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USGS Topographic Maps

New England & Eastern New York in stock

We sell authentic lithographed maps, not ink-jet prints from scanned files as do other online sources.

Sharp, precise quality is why these maps are preferred for display and lasting reference. If you like to read topographic maps you will notice and appreciate the difference!

If a lithographed copy of the map you select is no longer available and a print-on-demand copy must be substituted, this will be noted in the product description.

New England New York map

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These are the Primary Series Topographic maps, also known as the 7 1/2 Minute series, or the 1:24,000 series.

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