Ordering online from www.mapcenter.com

No minimum order

Very small orders may be shipped via First Class Mail for $4.35 postage and handling.
All other orders have actual shipping cost added to the invoice.
If you require shipment via means not offered on the website, please order by telephone.

International Orders

If you provide a shipping address outside the USA we will email you a quotation for shipping and handling via Postal Service and await your approval before we continue processing your order.

UPS Shipping Costs

Unless you have ordered a mounted or framed map, the price shown in the shopping cart for UPS delivery is a maximum limit. Refer to this table for a better estimate of the actual UPS cost that you will pay.

Typical UPS Ground Delivery Costs

West &
Midwest New
1 pound, commercial address, major metro $5.40 $4.94 $4.46
1 pound, commercial address, small town $6.99 $6.53 $6.05
1 pound, residential address, major metro $7.47 $7.01 $6.53
1 pound, residential, small town or rural $9.91 $9.45 $8.97

Rates to Alaska and Hawaii are higher.

Framed and mounted maps require oversized packages. Framed maps in the 36 - 46 inch size range are shipped UPS OS2 for about $21.00 to $50.00 depending on distance. OS2 is the package size class for which the minimum UPS "billable weight" is 70 pounds. Delivery of larger packages starts at about $90.00. All framed maps that you can order directly online may be shipped via the UPS OS2 rate or cheaper.

Turnaround time

The Map Center completes most online orders by the next business day. Many orders entered by midday are shipped the same day. If we can avoid a backorder by waiting an extra few days, we will do so.
Mounted and framed maps are made to order and may take 10 days.
If you require same day service please order by phone (888-568-MAPS). Someone at our Providence store will check stock and determine if time remains to pack and ship your order that day.


In circumstances where we cannot fill your order within a few days we proceed as follows:

If we can ship more than half of your order right away, we will, and backorder the rest. We fill most backorders in less than 3 weeks.

If we cannot ship half your order right away we will email you to describe the situation and your options.

Your credit card is charged only for shipments actually made.

Backorders that we are unable to fill in 90 days are cancelled.

If you urgently need to know our exact stock or backorder situation, if you want to make sure you will receive your order in one complete shipment, or if you prefer to cancel backorders please order by phone or inquire ahead by email.

Sales Tax

On orders delivered to a Rhode Island address, we must collect 7% sales tax on merchandise and handling charges. Rhode Island Tax exempt purchasers must provide a copy of their certificate or letter from the Tax Administrator before we can process their orders without tax.


Please order carefully. If you you feel less than fully confident that you have chosen the right maps, contact us before you order. Is a product picture or other information missing from our database? Are you wondering how up to date a map really is? Will a certain map suit your specific purpose? Is your town on the map? The Map Center answers questions like this with sincerity and patience. (We are especially kind to beginners.) So that you will be thoroughly satisfied with your order, we will work as hard as necessary to "Get it right the first time."

If your purchase is not as you expected due to a factual error on this website or in any other communication from us we will gladly correct the problem. We will cheerfully correct any shipping errors or merchandise defects. If your shipment via UPS or any other insured means is damaged in transit do not discard the items or the packaging. Let us know as soon as possible and we will arrange a prompt replacement of your order.

Returns must be authorized by phone or email. Returned packages must be marked with our return authorization number. The customer is responsible for return shipping charges and properly repacking the merchandise. Credit will be issued only for merchandise received in new condition. Returns are subject to a 20% restocking charge. The Map Center will not accept delivery of any returned package that is not clearly marked with our return authorization number.

Our goal is to provide a level of informative customer service that makes trial and error shopping unnecessary, and thereby keep prices down. Returned maps can seldom be resold as new. Unlike many other retailers, we are not able to pass returns and overstocks back to our suppliers.


We will not disclose any information you give us to anyone else except as necessary to process payment and arrange delivery or if compelled by lawful authority.

Your credit card account number will be stored in an encrypted state on a secure server and deleted immediately after we collect payment.

We do subscribe to Clicky Web Analytics which will record the IP address of your computer but will not provide that data to any third party company for any purpose, unless required to do so by law.

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