30 X 60 Minute Series Topographic Maps

Boston 30x60 minute topographic

Boston 1:100,000 scale metric topographic map

Also known as the 1:100,000 scale series, medium scale maps like this cover a larger area but provide less detail than the primary series.

Each quadrangle spans one degree (60 minutes) of longitude (east - west) by half a degree (30 minutes) of latitude (north - south).
One inch represents about 1.6 miles.
Approximate area covered 51x34 miles.
Approximate sheet size 40x24 inches, folded to pocket size.

detail of Boston 100k scaleThis 3 inch wide section presents sharply contrasting urban and undeveloped environments around the Blue Hills range. Contour interval is 10 meters, nearly 33 feet. Because they offer large coverage yet depict all but the smallest ponds, streams and roads,1:100,000 series maps are an excellent way to scout for interesting locales you may want to explore further. Bicyclists find them useful. Maps at this scale can enhance your enjoyment of scenic vistas by helping you identify features you can see in the distance.

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