1:250,000 Series Topographic Maps

Providence 2 degree topographic

Providence 2 degree topographic map

Also known as the quarter million series, because the scale is 1:250,000. One inch represents about 4 miles.

With larger coverage and less detail than the other quadrangle series, these maps provide good perspective on large features like mountain ranges and river systems. The Providence Quadrangle at right is popular for display, providing intricate detail of bays and islands from Montauk Point to Cape Cod.

Coverage spans two degrees of longitude by one degree of latitude.
Approximate area covered 100x69 miles.
Approximate sheet size is 29x22 inches, flat.

Many maps in this series that include significant hills are also available in molded plastic raised relief editions.

detail of Albany 2 degree topographic This 3 inch wide section of the Albany NY Quadrangle includes famous Monadnock Mountain near Jaffrey, New Hampshire. Contour interval is 100 feet. On the raised relief version, a realistic miniature crag rises more than 1/4 inch above the surrounding foothills.

This series has not been updated in decades, preserving interesting historic detail such as old railroads. Landforms and water features remain accurate enough for current reference.

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