magnetic markers on map

Indicator Magnets

Flexible rubber magnets are a good choice when you need to reposition indicators frequently. Surface can be written on. Triangles, stars, squares and circles are available in 7 colors.
If the map you want is not among our popular "magnetic" maps, please call 888-568-MAPS or send an email. The Map Center can also mount most other maps on lightweight magnet-friendly material.
washable markings on map

Wet-Erase Markers

Annotate your map for colorful visual emphasis. Special water-based ink does not bead up on glossy mylar lamination. Territories, locations or routes can easily be updated or erased again and again with wet tissue or sponge. Markers are a good choice when your map is not board mounted. Marks are unaffected when map is rolled and unrolled.
(Dry erase markers are not recommended on our maps because they can leave an indelible trace).
numbered stickers on map

Peel-Off Stickers

Economical and versatile removable dots come in 3 sizes and 8 colors. Transparent dots do not obscure map details but opaque dots are slightly more prominent.
Consecutively numbered dots and Arrow shaped stickers are also available.
pins in map

Map Tacks

Maptacks and flags are still the most attention getting way to add your own information to a map. Text and detail is not obscured. Sticking a pin in the map is fun.