Things to consider when choosing a wall map

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Size: Please donít guess what size you need! If you have a limited space, measure it before you order. We want to help you avoid a return.  If you need more information to help you choose confidently, contact us! We give sizes in inches, left-right first. If you are thinking about ordering your map in a frame, remember that the shipping cost takes a steep jump when the size is over about 46x31 inches.

buy this map now!Politically colored maps show states, countries, counties or towns in contrasting colors. Some only emphasize the boundaries in contrasting colors. Some political maps depict shaded relief as well. This is the most familiar and favorite style for convenient reference.

See a comparison of various world map projections

buy this map now!Physically colored maps use color to impart information about the land. In this example, different colors represent different elevations. Other physical maps depict land use and vegetation, providing a portrait as it may appear from space. Boundary lines may be shown, but they are not emphasized by color as on a political map. This style may be best if the map will be studied intently- there is more information. However, you may take longer to answer a quick reference question, like "Are New York and Rhode Island neighbors?"

counties of USAOutline maps are generally black and white with few or no colored elements. Depending on the coverage, states, counties, towns or zip codes may be outlined. These are ideal for display of the user's own information. Areas you outline or color in receive great visual emphasis. Washable markers on laminated maps allow frequent changes and "what-ifs." Sales territories, delivery zones and regional advertising strategies are examples of the territorial issues you can analyze and present. In many business situations, if you are not actually routing, an outline map may be best for you.

Flags represent countries and states. Is your map intended to help someone learn the countries or states? Small countries might go unnoticed on a big map, but all the flags are equally prominent. Most young children, even if not quite ready to read the names or interpret the map will be fascinated by the flags and curious about their symbolism. Pictures of flags alongside the map are not just decoration.

Detail versus readability. If you want a map merely to decorate your wall, get whatever looks nice to you! Otherwise, think about where the map will hang, how easily users will get close enough to read the finer details, and how often the map will be referred to in this way. Obviously, the largest maps are best for reading from a distance. If you must compromise on size, consider how your map handles the compromise between labeling prominent features in large type, while requiring you to get closer to read smaller features. Compare the examples below to form a better idea of how to compare maps when you shop.

buy this large-type world map buy this highly detailed world map
One of the most easy to read wall maps is this Mapquest Tyvec World.  The lettering is large, bold black and uncluttered.  Most people can read "Uruguay" from over 6 feet away. One of the most detailed wall maps is this Kummerly Frey Physical World map. Most people need to be closer than 3 feet  to read "Uruguay." The small text is readable at the distance you would hold a book. However, many more cities and towns are shown. Principal roads, railroads and ocean routes are shown.  Not only are more rivers, lakes, islands, etc. shown and labeled on the map, they are drawn more precisely, as are shorelines and boundaries.

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