Map Center answers to frequently asked questions about which world map to buy:

The very biggest world maps?

Biggest world maps on one sheet?

World maps for children? These have illustrations of amimals, environment, history, culture, points of interest.

Why waste space showing the flags of the countries? They are an excellent aid to learning about the world's nations. We have observed that children not yet able to read the map (or read at all) are often fascinated by the flags and will ask questions about them. As their abilities develop, the world map will be a familiar object.

The most detailed world maps?

The easiest-to-read world maps? If you are looking for a world map with larger lettering than most but do not have room for one of the biggest world maps (suggested above) we recommend one of these medium large maps.

Modern world maps that look like antiques?

World Map with America in the middle?

World Map with Pacific Ocean, East Asia in the middle?

What is this new politically correct map of the world I keep hearing about? - the one that teaches how misleading some other world maps are?

Which world map withstands a lot of use and handling but may be folded, and is not laminated?

Best maps to show time zones and time differences?

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