State Series USGS Maps

Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island shaded relief map

Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island Shaded Relief

USGS state maps make handsome wall decorations and are a good value for general educational reference.
Scale is 1:500,000. One inch = about 8 miles.
Map size varies by state.

Small states are presented on multi-state maps as in this example. Other grouped states in the series are New Hampshire- Vermont and Delaware- Maryland. Other states are published one state per map. California, Michigan, Montana, and Texas maps are on multiple sheets. There is no 1:500,000 scale map of Alaska. Single state Connecticut maps are also published at the larger scale of 1:125,000.

States are silhouetted, meaning that detail is not shown in neighboring states Maps in this series can be trimmed at the state border and joined to neighboring maps to assemble a large display.

Caution: These maps are out of date, not recommended for planning highway travel. Nevertheless, relief, drainage and other details unique to these maps remain current indefinitely.

USGS base map detail At right is part of the New Hampshire- Vermont Base Map. Details include counties, cities and towns; major roads and railroads; lakes, ponds and rivers; national forests and more. The Base Map style is preferable if you want to annotate or color the map to present your own additional information.
USGS state topographic map detail Here is the same section from the Topographic edition. The only difference is that 200 foot contours have been added.
USGS base map detail Here is the Shaded Relief edition. All elements of the topographic edition are present except the green shading to indicate the National Forest and highlight county boundaries. This edition is the most appealing for decorative purposes. Beginning map readers still unsure about how contours work will gain skill by observing the pictorial relief and contours simultaneously.

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