Massachusetts, Frameless pinboard map, 38x26in.

Handsome, up to date, and detailed. Along with Massachusetts, map shows all of Rhode Island plus parts of Connecticut, New York, Vermont and New Hampshire. Indexes to places and points of interest.

Dry mounted on chunky half inch thick black foam core board, perfect for map pins! Non glare UV resistant lamination. Hangs from two metal tabs attached to the back.
A folded copy of the map is included so you may refer to the 8 detailed metro area maps on the other side.
Scale 1:349k, 38x26 inches.
Jimapco, 2010
Estimated UPS delivery cost $9.00 - $15.00

Massachusetts, Frameless pinboard map, 38x26in.Massachusetts, Frameless pinboard map, 38x26in.
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